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February 4, 2024

Save taxes this year

Tax tips for flight attendants and pilots Now the year is almost over and from 2018 you can slowly move away from...

Tax tips for flight attendants and pilots

Now the year is almost over and you can slowly say goodbye to 2018. Of course, it's time again not to be lazy but to take care of your finances - so that 2019 is even more successful than 2018! Now is just the right time to have the allowances entered on your income tax card. In this way, your employer can also take them into account in January 2019. What else you should consider and which applications you need for all this can be found at any time here at Crew tax Read the blog. And one more thing: if you're still putting off your tax return for flight attendants or tax return for pilots for the year 2014... the deadline expires at the end of this year. And it is time to secure the retirement benefits for 2016, that is the so-called Riester pension, or to secure your housing premium in 2016.

An overview of the most important dates before we shake hands with 2019:

After we hear the bells ringing in the new year, here are the most important dates and deadlines to meet your tax obligations this year, you can find our brief overview of the end of 2018.

Voluntary tax return for 2014

Voluntary filing of tax returns for flight attendants or tax returns for pilots can also be an advantage. Not only do you always have to fulfill duties, but you can also earn money by doing a bit of volunteer work without much effort. In principle, you have four years to file the tax return for flying personnel. That means if you still want to do that for 2014, then you should hit the keys now. The deadline here is 31.12.2018. This is how you can benefit from a refund. However, should there be a tax claim contrary to your expectations, you can simply withdraw your application.

Apply for payroll tax allowances for 2019

As early as October 2018, you can submit an application to your responsible tax office here. Don't forget to tick your cross here on line 20, because then the allowances are valid for 2 years. If you have already sent out the application in the previous year and the tax allowances have not changed, then it is sufficient to fill out the new main form “Payroll tax reduction in a simplified procedure” and provide your personal details More information here...

Worker's allowance

If you receive capital benefits from your employer, you can apply for an employee savings allowance from your tax office — this is easy as part of your tax return. Even if you are not obliged to file a tax return, you can use this allowance by the end of the 4th year after the savings year, claim for yourself. The extension to seven years does not apply, even if the employee savings allowance is only set upon application. The mantle bow “N” helps here.

Retirement allowance for the year 2016

Do you have a Riester contract from 2016? Attention! Because you have to pay your savings allowance this year until 31.12.2018 have applied to benefit from it. This is because you have to apply for this by the end of the second year after the savings year. You then send this application to the provider of the Riester contract, e.g. insurance, bank, investment company, NOT to the tax office.

Housing premium for the savings year 2016

Amounts that are not capital benefits and belong to a building loan agreement are spiced up by the housing premium. Please do NOT apply for this premium from the tax office but from your respective building society. Since you have to do this by the year after next in which the contract was concluded, the 31.12.2018 the deadline.

Exemption orders for investment income

You get most interest at the end of the year. The flat rate withholding tax of 25% plus solidarity surcharge and, if applicable, church tax is withheld. Unless: Your bank/banks have an exemption order from you and the exemption amount has been adequately calculated. The exemption order for 2018 should therefore be submitted to the respective bank in good time. Banks therefore very often set a deadline a few weeks before the end of the year, for example on 15.12. or 01.12., is over so they don't get lost in too many applications.

Certificate of loss of investments

You can claim and offset losses and profits from banks from investments in your tax return. All you need is a loss certificate from your bank, which you up to 15.12.2107 You can apply for. You can include the unsettled losses certified therein in your 2018 tax return in the “Annex KAP” in lines 10 and 11 — Losses from share transactions and losses from other investments are separated here. The certified gains are entered in lines 7-9. All other losses can only be offset against all types of capital gains, but losses from share sales can only be offset against gains from share sales.

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