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There are countless solutions available for the topic of “tax return”, so it's easy to lose track of things, just like with the paragraphs of the forms to be completed. CrewSteuer shows you what options there are for you and what they cost. You can decide whether you want to use the individual services or not, and we will put together the perfect range of products for you. Is software such as the tax savings account from WISO and ELSTER enough for you or do you need a payroll tax aid association or a tax advisor?

CrewSteuer is a competent partner for pilots and flight attendants who tax their income in Germany and whose airlines are based in Germany.

Your added value with CREWtax

Tax return transparency — We provide you with information so that you can decide for yourself what is important to you and which package you want.

GA comprehensive presentation of all tax-relevant topics — You no longer have to laboriously collect from different sources

Manageable and easy-to-understand product offerings — You can find out for yourself which packages apply to you.

Professional and experienced team of consultants — You will receive qualified support when choosing a product.

Your extra plus with us

You pay the same price as a payroll tax assistance association.


Do it yourself

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your tax advisor or payroll tax assistance association and would like to take charge of the tax return yourself? Then CrewSteuer offers you a cost-effective option. With CrewSteuer, you will be guided to your completed tax return based on a written interview. This is a stress-free, quick and easy to understand way to get your maximum tax refund.



TaxCollector tax office

Would you like to have your tax return done by a professional who is familiar with pilots and flight attendants? Then our partner for tax and legal issues is the right partner for you!

Salary dependent

We don't need more

You can count on CrewLife Support We are happy to be there for you.


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