Tax documentation made easy

myRoster can fully document and automatically record your tax-relevant information. This is because the software is compatible with the intranet of all airlines, as well as other flight book providers, and supports all common file formats. Make it easy for yourself with MyRoster!

Automatic preparation for the tax office

Based on your information, a roster evaluation is created, which the tax office approves. Our professional and secure backup system secures your results and prevents data loss.

After evaluating your work schedule, you can use CrewSteuer to create a completed tax return, which you can send directly to the tax office. You can the

You can also transfer evaluation results to the WISO tax software or via ELSTER for further processing yourself.

Minimal effort, maximum refund!


Save taxes with flat rates


Save taxes with flat rates


Save taxes with flat rates


Save taxes with flat rates

You can do that with MyRoster Deduct tax quickly and easily:

Additional commitment costs

Travel expenses to the first place of work and for business trips

Work and work clothes, including cleaning costs

Board sales commission

cleaning costs

... and much more!

This is how you get your personal roster evaluation

1. Select the year you want to evaluate and upload your rosters.

2. Enter the route from your place of residence to the home base and adjust the evaluation individually.

3. You will be shown all flights, calculated journeys and stays. You can check the result and decide whether you want to buy the roster evaluation.

4. Pay conveniently with PayPal, credit card or direct debit.

5. Download your personal roster report. You can now submit it to the tax office with your tax return.

The costs of roster evaluation

You can see our service for yourself — try it now for free MyRoster!

All costs are clear and transparent

Find out more about our service rates in advance for free on our website or via live chat with our support team. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via chat at any time. It is important to us that the prices are transparent for you and that you can decide for yourself which services are right for you.

Free personal support

We are happy to assist you in preparing the evaluation. Contact us for free on our live chat, Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

basic prices

Digitale flight time overviews or

Rosters.................... 49.00 €*

paperWorking hours overviews or

Rosters....................max. 69.00 €*

*Prices are valid for a full tax year.

Sample calculations

example 1

12 digital rosters

Flight time overviews or data from the CrewApp flight log

49.00 €*
example 2

12 Paper rosters

Flight time overviews

€69.00 €*
example 2

12 digital rosters

+2 Paper rosters

Flight time overviews or data from the CrewApp flight log

49.00 €*
Evaluation paper
€59.00 €*

The tax software (steuer:sparbuch and steuer:web) and all other CrewSteuer services must be booked in addition.

You can find more information and examples in our FAQ

to the FAQs

As a tax advisor with MyRoster Profit

Are you a tax advisor and your clients include flight attendants and pilots? Then secure your profile with MyRoster!

Your added value with myRoster:

Your clients' schedules are read in just a few minutes.

Tax-relevant information is automatically displayed and included in the evaluation.

My Roster takes into account different time zones and valid flat rates.

In your personal account, you always have an overview of all clients.

You have access to a detailed database of over 2,000 airports, including IATA abbreviations.

Your added value with myRoster:

MyRoster provides you with an easy-to-read roster evaluation accepted by the tax office, which you simply send to
Settle your client's tax return The workload is lower and the number of satisfied clients is increasing.

We don't need more

You can count on CrewLife Support We are happy to be there for you.


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