February 4, 2024

Our new service CrewHealth

Discover your path to better health and fitness with CrewHealth and our experts — above the clouds and beyond...

CrewHealth — Your Navigator to a Healthy Lifestyle LET CREWHealth TAKE YOU TO NEW HEIGHTS OF FITNESS

Health and fitness are more than just buzzwords; they are the essential engines that not only keep you in the air, but also take you on a journey of wellbeing and vitality. Like a well-maintained aircraft gliding through the air, your body and mind need constant and attentive care to function optimally. Using the autopilot for such an important mission? It would be like leaving heaven to chance. No, you need experienced health guides for such a crucial journey — and that's where CrewHealth comes in.

CrewHealth is more than just a service; it's your personal flight companion in the world of health and fitness. Our job is to adjust your flight path with precision and expertise to guide you safely and unerringly to your destination — a healthier and fitter you. We're here to set the course that takes wind direction and weather conditions into account and guides you through any turbulence. With CrewHealth by your side, you have a crew that not only guides you to your destination but also supports you along the way so you can enjoy the journey.

At CrewHealth, we believe that everyone has an individual route to success. That's why we offer personalized flight plans tailored to your specific needs and destinations. Our experts — true veterans in health and fitness — are your personal air traffic controllers. They know all the secrets to keeping you on course, choosing the best routes, and making sure you get the most out of your flight.

With CrewHealth, you get access to a world of world-class health and fitness strategies specifically designed to help you on your journey. Whether you're looking for a gentle flight path that gradually leads you to better health, or an intensive flight plan that pushes you to your limits, we have the expertise to personalize your flight.

So buckle up and get ready to go. With CrewHealth as your co-pilot, the sky isn't the limit, it's just the start of your journey to better health and fitness. Hop on, enjoy the flight and reach heights you've never dared to dream of.

Welcome to CrewHealth Tower

We are proud to present you the dynamic duo whose mission is to serve you as reliable guides through the complex terrain of health and fitness information. In a world where every step leads to a wealth of data and opinions, it's crucial to have trustworthy guides by your side. That is why now is the perfect time to turn your back on the uncertain paths of chance and instead follow the proven, safe paths suggested by our experienced professionals.

Our experts, who are characterized by a wide range of knowledge and years of practical experience, are more than just sources of information — they are your personal coaches, consultants and supporters. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that modern life brings, they're here to pave the way for you and make your journey to a healthy and active lifestyle easier.

They not only bring their expertise but also a real passion for what they do. You can feel this commitment in every advice, contribution and individually tailored tip that they provide. They are the true guides in the maze of health and fitness, helping you find clarity in the overabundance of information and separate the myths from the facts.

With one eye always focused on the latest research results and the other firmly focused on your individual needs, our specialists ensure that you not only stay up to date, but also find ways that work best for you. It's not just about showing you what's possible, but also about empowering you to put these opportunities into practice.

So, enter the world of CrewHealth, where health and fitness are not puzzles, but paths that can be taken with trust. Let our dynamic duo take you on a journey that will enrich your life and change the way you look at wellbeing and physical activity.

Verena Grosskreutz — Your prevention tracker

Verena brings with her a treasure trove of knowledge that she has acquired over a remarkable decade at Lufthansa and through her specialization in the area of the prevention movement. This expertise enables her to translate theoretical principles and scientific findings directly into tangible, implementable solutions. Her ability to transform complex medical and fitness-related concepts into simple, everyday activities is nothing less than artistry.

Verena understands that true health and sustainable fitness are not just found in textbooks or lectures, but in daily routines, small decisions, and customizable exercises that can be incorporated into everyone's life. She knows that the journey to health is not one-size-fits-all, but must be tailor-made to be effective.

That is why Verena is tirelessly building bridges between the theory of health science and practical applicability in everyday life on board. It makes it its mission not only to make health and fitness understandable, but also accessible and appealing. Whether it's exercises during a long-haul flight or nutrition tips for the crew between flights, Verena ensures that every tip, advice and strategy is not only theoretically sound, but also ready to fly and easy to implement.

With Verena at your side, health and fitness become life-like companions that support you not only on earth but also in the air. It makes them ready for travel, so no matter where your trip goes or how long it takes, you're always prepared to prioritize your health and achieve your fitness goals.

Christian Kunert — Your fitness flight captain

With an impressive flight altitude of 30 years of experience, which Christian Kunert has gained on his flight through the spheres of health and fitness, he is a true veteran in the world of sports science exploration. His ability to decipher extensive and complex sports science concepts and pack them into the compact size of carry-on luggage is just as essential as a pass for international flights.

Christian knows how to distill the various aspects of health promotion in a way that is not only digestible but also directly applicable. His strategies and insights are like precisely folded clothes in a suitcase: they take up little space but are invaluable when needed. In his role as a health navigator, he always keeps an eye on the flight plan and ensures that no essential information is lost as he cleverly steers you through the turmoil of outdated fitness myths and health misconceptions.

In doing so, he never loses sight of the course, makes sure that the direction is right and that the flight altitude remains optimal. It presents you with the principles of health promotion in handy portions so that you can easily integrate them into your carry-on luggage and apply them at every stage of your journey. With Christian's expertise, you'll discover that health and fitness aren't abstract goals that are beyond your reach, but practical, everyday actions that move you forward and keep you on track.

Experience the journey together with CrewHealth

Get ready for a fascinating expedition into the world of health and fitness, led by our experienced experts who will guide you on your personal journey to wellbeing and vitality. With their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of sports science and preventive healthcare, they are ready to support, inspire and motivate you on this journey. Our experts are your loyal travel companions who are not only by your side but also show you the way so you can get the most out of every step of your health adventure. Look forward to tailor-made training plans, nutritional advice and mental strategies that will take your health and fitness to the next level

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