February 20, 2024

Important deadlines for self-employed people

Important deadlines for self-employed pilots and flight attendants...

Set course with crew tax: Essential tax dates for self-employed aviation experts The tax flight schedule: Indispensable appointments for the self-employed

Freedom above the clouds with responsibility:

For many of you, self-employment means flying high altitude without limits. But this freedom comes with an additional burden of responsibility, particularly when it comes to compliance with tax obligations. No need to worry — Crew tax Keep an eye on all important deadlines for you. Let's make sure together that you're always on the safe side when it comes to tax matters.

Flight route control: The difference between solo flight and flight formation

Freelancers or businesses — The differences in the tax world:

In order to navigate tax airspace safely, it is essential to understand the differences between a freelance profession and a business. Because your classification has a direct impact on your tax route. Freelancers and traders have different tax obligations, but some, such as the advance sales tax return and the income tax return, apply to both.

Regular flight altitude: The advance sales tax return

Advance sales tax return — important checkpoints:

Anyone who has a sales tax ID in Germany and owes more than 1,000€ in sales tax annually must regularly submit an advance sales tax return. The deadlines for this are clearly defined and require your attention:

  • Over 7,500€ sales tax: Monthly pre-registration
  • Between 1,000€ and 7,500€ sales tax: Quarterly advance notification
  • Less than 1,000€ sales tax: Options for exemption from advance notification

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Annual finale: The income tax return

Income tax return — The annual tax flight:

Everyone who has income from self-employed or non-self-employed work in Germany is obliged to pay income tax. The regular deadline for filing an income tax return is July 31 of the following year. If you do not pay income tax through an employer but have income, you must file a tax return.

Prepayments: Adjust tax engines correctlyn

Income tax prepayments — Regular advance payments:

Advance tax payments are like regular checks of your engines. These advance payments, which are based on previous year's income, must be transferred to the tax office four times a year. The dates are:

  • march
  • june
  • september
  • december

Traders: tax flight in the entrepreneurial class

Business taxes — annual and quarterly landings:

As an independent company captain, you are not only responsible for your own flight course, but also for the entire crew. CrewSteuer helps you manage all tax obligations for your employees.

What does that mean for you?

As a self-employed person, trader or freelancer, you enjoy a lot of freedom in your daily work. But it is essential to keep an eye on applicable laws and deadlines. A tax advisor helps you to always stay up to date so that you are protected from unpleasant surprises such as fines or back payments.

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